Susan (Endres) Edwards

Susan (Endres) Edwards

March 4, 2010

Some basic “catch up” info on me:

On Apr. 3rd, Jim Edwards and I will have been married 17 years.  I inherited 5 grand children, who are all grown up now, and the oldest grandson has given us our 1st great grandchild.  My son, Doug, age 35 lives in Houston and is married to a wonderful girl from New Orleans, Susie.  They have no children.,  My daughter, Stacy is married to Rob, they live in Minneapolis and have one son, Bryce, who just turned 2 on Feb. 19th – I am so enjoying being a grandma again (first time for one of my very own; just don’t get to see him enough!)

I taught art for many years, but have been retired for 10 years now.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer.

Sincerely, Sue Endres Edwards

Wisconsin High School

60th Reunion – September 17, 2020

BIO:        Sue Endres Edwards

Received:  August 11, 2020

The following is from an interview conducted and written up by Judy Siebecker

In college, Sue sought warm sunny weather and found it by transferring to the University of Arizona in Tucson.  She Majored in Art with a Minor in English. Ceramics is her specialty. She met her first husband in Ceramics class. After graduating, they moved to Southern California where he did Graduate work at USC and Sue worked as a Secretary for the Classics Dept.

Her daughter Stacey was born during this marriage. Her daughter and family live in Arizona and the current COVID pandemic has prevented visits, which used to be frequent. She also has a son, Doug. (Note from Judy:  My note taking faltered here so I am not sure where he lives.)

She and Jim Edwards have been married 27 years and happiness is the hallmark of this marriage. Jim brought with him 8 Grandchildren so her total is 10.  A Greatgrandchild was born 3 months ago in Colorado.  Her name is Sawyer. Again, due to the pandemic, they have not been able to have any in person time.

Sue was born in Madison. The family moved to the Neenah-Menasha area until she was 10 years old. She lived with mother who was nurse after her parents divorce.  Sue ended up at WHS because of an Uncle who was a Professor at UW. She distinctly recalls that the teachers at WHS were very old. She remembers thinking Miss. Hoard looked so thin and frail she thought she might just blow away.  Already liking art, her favorite teacher was Mr.Everard.

Sue and Jim Olson were cousins (their mothers were sisters) and very close to one another. Sue was 14 years old when her mother had a tragic accident and passed away. Sue then went to live with her maternal Grandmother. After graduation from WHS, her Grandmother fractured a hip and relocated to Arizona to be near a family member who was an Orthopedic Surgeon there.

Sue had a 20-year teaching career. A passion was ceramic sculptures for gardens. Even after retirement she kept doing ceramics having, her own wheel and kiln at home.  She also is passionate about organic gardening. Before the pandemic she regularly took classes at a Sr. Center and misses that.

She and her husband have had some significant health issues so they are meticulous about following CPVID precautions. Not easy to do when you were part of various card clubs and a large group of friends who socialized regularly.

She was married to Jim Reis for 12 + years. They lived in Coco, Florida.

Sue hopes she can figure out how to participate in our virtual reunion on Sept.

Interviewer’s Note:  Sue, who loves sunshine, was truly a ray of sun to interview. I admire her so for battling chronic immune disorders for 27 years and being a caregiver through her current husband’s fight with cancer.