Carolyn (Tripp) Ray

Carolyn (Tripp) Ray

Carolyn Tripp Ray

Received June 2015

Wisconsin High School

55th Reunion – July 24 – 25, 2015

 Retired.  Divorced – 2 children and 5 grandchildren:

Rich S. Ray               Electrical Engineer, BS, MBA, MS in Boise, ID
3 children:  Taylor, Jackson, Zoe
Jeannine M Ray             Dentist in own practice in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada
2 children:  Amelia, Justine
Barbara Tripp Strohl              Deceased 2010, cause unknown.  One son and 2 grandchildren
Thomas R. Tripp                    Married.  Civil Engineer in Berkley, CA, with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.
Jonathan R. Tripp                   Married.  Retired in Dallas, TX, with 2 children and 2 stepchildren.

Parents:               Both parents are deceased.  The 4 siblings of mother are deceased but two of them lived until 99 years of age. The 2 siblings of my father are now deceased.

My WHS experiences were limited since our family spent most of my high school years living overseas in Asia and Europe.  However, I have fond memories of my Shorewood friends and neighbors, and I have fond memories of classmates, people and activities at WHS, which come alive again as I read other people’s comments.  We are all quite fortunate to have had an active curiosity encouraged in us and a good foundation at WHS.  It is fun to see what we all have done with our lives since then.

I married in the 3rd year of university, and after I completed my degree in Anthropology in 1964 from UW and my husband his PhD in Historical Geography, we moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He has worked in several universities in cities like in Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.  Fifteen years later I moved to Wilmington, DE.  After more education, my career has spanned a variety of national and international industries as I learned and grew with each one until I became bored and moved on.  During the last 25 years I was in healthcare, where there was always a variety of changes and challenges (never bored), as I began and managed a surgicenter and physician practices, until I retired in 2009.

My retirement years have become enjoyable.  I have been able to tap into my creative and intellectual sides, and am doing things that were not as possible during my working days.  The University of Delaware academy courses are wonderful and keep me fairly busy, and I still enjoy Photoshop, walking, book club, art events and many other activities.  There is never enough time to take in all that I enjoy.  I have had 2 major surgeries in the past 5 years and have come through each very well.  I still enjoy collecting Inuit Art and learning about the art, the artist’s families and their culture.  Although I do other things, my volunteer work usually centers around the Brandywine Village Network and the University of Delaware.  I wish my children and grandchildren were closer for frequent visits, but I have wonderful places to go to spend beautiful time with them and their scenic environments.


Wisconsin High School

60th Reunion – September 17, 2020

 BIO:        Carolyn Tripp Ray

Received:  August 14, 2020

New Phone #s:  302-762-8954  (home – yes I still have a home phone)

302-333-7654  (cell)

Same address

Children:           Rich S. Ray    Son.  Electrical Engineer, Director,  LAM Re(same degrees, same 3

children)  (youngest going through chemo)


Jeannine M. Ray    Daughter.  Dentist/ Orthodontist, DMD,  Practice is Driftwood

Dental in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada    (same 2 children)


Siblings:             Barbara Tripp Strohl  (same info)

Thomas R. Tripp    Married to Karen.  Retired Civil Engineer in Berkley, CA

(same 3 children, 5 grandchildren)

Jonathan R. Tripp    Married to Teresa.  Retired Controller in Dallas, TX

(same 2 children, same 2 step children) plus 2 grandchildren

Parents:            Both parents are deceased.

2 siblings of mother are still alive at 95 and 97 years old.

Currently I am still retired and still thoroughly enjoying Photoshop, creative activities, groups and friends, and the multitude of U of Delaware Life Long Learning courses.  I am noticing that many retired people are exploring and using their creative talents now that were submerged during their work years.  That is great to see.  Since the pandemic, the courses have been on-line through zoom.

I am happy that this reunion will be on zoom.  Maybe I will be available to make it this time for the 60th – it will be fun to see everybody’s face, even though it is not in person.