Bob Sewell

Bob Sewell

Chick (Bob, Robert) Sewell
Received July 12, 2010



29 Coan Place

Metuchen, NJ 08840

Wife:     Barbara (married for 47 years)

Son:       Jamin (42), a lawyer

Granddaughter:  11 ½  months

I didn’t actually graduate from Wisconsin High.  While I spent my sophomore and junior years at WHS, I was in India for my freshman year and in Palo Alto, California for my senior year.   My bother Bill and sister Mary graduated from WHS before me.  Bill lives in Chicago/Paris as a semi-retired professor and Mary lives in Colorado and works as an artist and healer.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1964 with a degree in Asian Studies. I spent a lot of time in graduate school at Columbia University, UW and the University of Illinois and received masters’ degrees in Japanese and Library Science and a PhD in Comparative Literature.

My professional work has been in academic libraries at the University of Illinois, SUNY Stoney Brook, and Rutgers University, where I am still working as Associate University Librarian.  I have just signed papers for a phased retirement in July 2013.

Wisconsin High School

55th Reunion – July 24 – 25, 2015

 BIO:        Chick (Bob) Sewell

Received:  July 1, 2015

I retired from Rutgers University 2 years ago. Even thought I’m retired, I continue to volunteer as the editor of the Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries, an online, open access scholarly journal:  This helps to keep my mind active and in touch with colleagues, besides which I enjoy doing it. In the latest issue I discuss my 20 years of editing the journal.

My wife, and I, along with our dog, enjoy going to our place in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

I liked reading the bios for the 50th. Hope more people send more in for the 55th.  I won’t be attending the reunion, alas.

Best to all,