Barbara (Bunders) Reuss

Barbara (Bunders) Reuss

Received June 6, 2010

I finished college, got married to a good guy, taught for a few years as I followed my Air Force husband to California and Alaska. Our daughter Kristen was born in Alaska.

After a few more moves we ended up back in Madison. I worked for Madison Public Library until I retired 3 years ago.

My husband Ed died in an accident just about two years ago. So needless to say my life has changed. It is a huge adjustment after being married for 44 years but life goes on. I am so grateful for family and friends that have helped me find my way and not be as lonesome.

I have an almost 3 yr old granddaughter who has been a big help to me with her always upbeat attitude and happy disposition.

That’s about it.

I wish everyone the best.