Received February 28, 2015


I should update a few things.
some changes to life since the last reunion.
sue and I have split up, for one.
I have another partner, and she's a past schoolmate of ours at whs.  she was my '59 prom date.  we stumbled upon each other, fortunately.
I have retired from the workforce.  I bought a simple little townhouse here in fla


Received June 7, 2010                                         


ok here's my story and i'm stickin' to it: been married for 33 years to this lovely woman (sue).  we have two sons, both living in madison.  matt is married, part owner/operator of bennet's service center in middleton. ben is single and a bike builder/guru for budget bicycle.  i have an older son, also in madison. jr. is from my previous marriage.

sue and i still work, both for madison metro school district. not teachers, but support staff : her in health services; me in building maint. i've been with the schools for 15 yrs.  prior to that i spent 25 yrs. doing technical/engineering work for catv companies in the area. they kept merging to eventually become charter cable.  before that i worked for oscar mayer in quality control and the food labs.

sue and i keep busy on weekends at an old farm we bought out in crawford county-(think prairie du chien). we have about 50 acres on the kikkapoo river.  house, barns, no animals just a big garden and some apple trees.

leslie z. jogged/inspired my memory of also growing up downtown-yeah a block off state st., imagine living there now!  our grade school is now known as doyle admin. bldg.  i also love those memories of walking up henry mall to ag hall, or across the mall to biochem, i believe.....priceless.  oh, and the fun of jogging out to the elm drive fields for phy ed.  and you better be jogging, or that guy in the nash would give you one his intimidating looks, if he caught us walking.  love that guy.

i have also herby declared a forever dress code for all our future events:  it's called jimmy buffet casual- use your imagination

love you all,  stanp