Received June 7, 2010


Judith (Rundell) Fawn-Meade

4617 O Connor Court

Irving, Texas 75062




I'm in the midst of an incredible lifelong journey. The last 50 years have been a gift of life’s  wonderful opportunities.


After receiving an Associates degree from Christian College, in Columbia, Mo., I returned to Madison and graduated from the UW.  One summer in Europe gave me the desire to see more of the world.  The next 6 years I taught primary and special education as well as traveled whenever I could.


My teaching career ended in 1969 when Eric was born. He has a career in telecommunications and lives in Minneapolis.  Courtney joined us in 1970.  She is now a wife and stay-at-home Mom to our 3 bright grandchildren.  They live in Deephaven, Minnesota.


In 1979 we moved to Dallas.  Living in a vibrant, growing city gave me the opportunity to develop a successful and fulfilling career in the travel industry. Our family has been able to experience many places in the world, allowing us to enjoy various cultures and giving us perspective on how lucky we are to be Americans. We are living the 'American Dream'.


My husband and I retired in 2000. Our wanderlust continues. Dallas is still our home. Four months each year we escape the Texas heat and collect new memories through our travels. This summer we will be in the British Isles and southern Italy.   I count my blessings every day. Life couldn't be better. 


Sorry to miss the reunion.  Best to all.


Brother Sid,WHS class 53 lives in Big Arm, Montana

Brother Jim, WHS class 59 lives in Madison

Brother John, WHS class 63 lives in Janesville



June 2015

Wisconsin High School

55th Reunion – July 24 – 25, 2015


Judith Rundell Fawn-Meade

4617 O Connor Court

Irving, Texas 75062

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Our incredible life journey continues..... Ian and I are so grateful for our excellent health, great families and friends.


We spend the winter months in Las Colinas, a suburb of Dallas.  An occasional ice storm, which reminds me of the Midwest, is as cold as we can handle.  Four years ago, we bought a home in Wayzata, Minnesota to escape the Texas heat and enjoy the Midwestern summers as well as be near my daughter and her family. 


Ian and I have visited 96 countries and enjoyed every moment of our cultural experiences (with lots of laughs).  I must admit, we have eaten some very unusual foods and stayed in less than comfortable accommodations....however, it's all a part of knowing how lucky we are to be living in America.  We continue to travel two months each year, exploring new destinations and revisiting old favorites.  We have met so many wonderful people in our journeys, who have helped us better understand this world we live in.  


Eric, my son, lives in Skippack, Pa.  He and his adorable wife, Charlotte, have a very smart 18 month old son.  Eric is Site Acquisition Manager for AT&T Mobility in Philadelphia.   Charlotte is Vice President, Special Markets with EGR International in NYC.


Courtney, my daughter, and family live in Deephaven, Minnesota.  Her husband, Scott, is a Principal with Bernstein Global Wealth Management.  They have 3 academically and athletically involved children.  Patrick is 15, Fritz 12 and Catherine 9.  The children scored in the 90+ percentile on all NWEA tests this Spring.  Patrick scored 99% on his math scores.  We are very proud of their achievements.


We also have three delightful granddaughters in Dallas.  They keep us busy in the winter months, AND still have time for us 'old folks'..... Maddy, 9, keeps telling us 'we are middle aged'...... Allison is 6. Sophia is 4.  It's such fun to see them growing and changing.


Exercise continues to be an important part of our lives.  We are on the elliptical or biking most week days.  We also enjoy gardening and reading.  In the past few years I have become one of Apple's sheep. It gives me great pleasure, attempting to keep up with technology.


Best to everyone.  Sorry we will miss the reunion.  We will be on another adventure.