I received a BS in Mathematics from the UW-Madison in 1964 and worked from 1964 until 1976 as a computer programmer, first at the Midwestern Universities Research Association (doing work primarily related to Linear Accelerator design) and then at the UW Madison Academic Computing Center (in the Numerical Analysis section—Peter Wolfe was my boss).

I started law school at the UW in 1973. Upon graduation in 1976 I went to work for the Wisconsin Legislative Council Staff, a nonpartisan agency providing legal services to members of both parties and both houses of the Wisconsin Legislative. What I quickly learned is that legislators truly represent the population of the state, the good, the bad, the bright, the not-so-bright, etc. It was a great job for anyone who enjoys being a generalist. I worked on everything from education and employment law (the areas where I worked the most) to medical malpractice, liquor laws, gambling, drug laws, mental health and civil commitment, library laws, public heath, environmental health, lobby laws and campaign financing. After a mostly enjoyable 23 years in a job that suited me well, I retired in 2000.

I crewed for Jim on his E scow for many years -- Jim still sails, I don’t. We both took up “serious” biking about 1988 and have made 10+ trips to Europe bike touring. We have biked in Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, France, England, Scotland and Ireland. We go on our own and do not plan ahead. Each day we go where the wind and our inclinations take us. Over the years, Jim and I have also enjoyed hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking mountain biking and both x-country and downhill skiing. Since retirement I have taken up playing recorders.

I have also finally organized many of the flower pictures I have taken over the years and created a web site: http://janesflowers.topcities.com/

MADISON – Jane R. Henkel, age 65 died Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2007, when she lost the long fight against the cancer that she had succeeded at holding off for many years. Jane was born in Madison, Mar. 21, 1942. She attended Wisconsin High School. Jane received a Bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin in 1964 and a Law degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1976. In her first career she was a computer programmer at the National Accelerator Lab/Physical Science Lab and then at the University of Wisconsin Computing Center. After she received her law degree she went to work for the Wisconsin Legislature at the Wisconsin Legislative Council in 1976. She was the Deputy Director from 1992 to 1999 and was Acting Director when she retired in 2000.

She was a competitive sailor for many years. She enjoyed hiking and skiing. Most of all she enjoyed bicycling. She and her husband biked many countries in Europe on a dozen bicycle trips. She had a life long interest in music and took up recorder playing after retirement. She played several recorders in recitals and concerts with Madison groups.

She is survived by her husband, James Henkel of Fitchburg: her brother David Ragsdale of Okee and two wonderful cats, Bart and Casper. Jane is preceded in death by her brother Dr. Richard Ragsdale of Rockford, Ill. And her sister, Susan R. Puariea of Madison. A special thanks to her biking friends who encouraged her and gave her occasional help on the road and to Doug and Pat Tormey who generously shared their mountain retreat with Jane on many occasions in recent years. Jane has requested that any donations in her memory be made to the Wisconsin Chapter of the The Nature Conservancy. You may donate by mail or phone. The Nature Conservancy, Attn: Treasury, 4245 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 100, Arlington, VA 22203, USA (800) 628-6860