Family - I married Jane Ragsdale in 1962. We have no children but have always had cats. (We have 2 now)

Work - I have worked on a wide range of computing projects for laboratories, wholesalers, manufacturers, artists. I still do some web site work although I am "mostly" retired.

Recreation- I still race sailboats as well as bike, mtn. bike, x-country ski, downhill ski, rollerblade, ice skate, play volleyball.
Jane was a regular part of my sailing team for many years. We still bike, mtn. bike and ski together.

We have gone biking in Europe at least a dozen times and have biked in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, France, England, Scotland, Ireland. We have biked in several of these countries numerous times. We spend most of our bike touring time in the mountains and countryside and not alot around cities and built up areas. We wander from place to place with no pre-arranged plan. Often we don't know what countries we will bike in until the day we ride into them. It was a really big thrill to ride into Czechoslovakia shortly after the border first opened with no plan whatsoever. Pictures from a few of our trips are here:     (Look under "Bike Trips")

We have also traveled the U.S. and Canada extensively and backpacked in many places from The Smoky Mountains to The Canadian Rockies.
Peter Wolfe has hosted us on ski outings in ME, NH, VT. We have skied many areas of Colorado as well as The Canadian Rockies, Italy and Austria.