Wisconsin High School
Class of 1960

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Aaron Abramovitz



Aaron Abramovitz
24 Undercliff Road
Milburn NJ 07041

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Kathleen (Allegar) Hoover


Kathleen (Allegar) Hoover

625 N. Segoe Road #200

Madison, WI  53705

h: 608.203.6154
c: 917.257.7593

Partner with husband, Mark in a business, "Hoover Consultant" which deals with welfare reform and offender re-entry in New York, Israel, Denmark.

Husband - Mark
Son - married and living in Minneapolis          6-15-15:  Updated address & home phone
Son - living in Madison                                 1-15-20:   New address
Granddaughters - (10 & 12)

Sister - Lives in Madison
Brother - Lives in Florida

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Franz Altpeter


Franz Altpeter
1110 N Lake Street
Prescott WI 54021
h: 715.262.5407



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Charlene (Bach) Klossner

Charlene (Bach) Klossner, a.k.a. Char Klossner

Deceased February 26, 2020


Howard Beale


Howard K. Beale Jr.
38 Bartlett Street
Northborough MA 01532
h: 508.393.9392

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Peter Brauhn

Peter Brauhn

Deceased  January 11, 2009

Was married for 16 years and has been divorced for 15 years.
Business is primarily international trade and technology transfer. Has a business partner and has been involved for some years overseas, including Russian Federation, some of the former Soviet Republics, South America, North Africa, China and the Mid East.

Son - Derek (1 son)


Barbara (Bunders) Reuss

No email

Barbara (Bunders) Reuss

Does not want to be contacted.


Gary Castiglione

No Email

Gary Castiglione

(Also know as G. Carl Castiglione)

Unable to locate.

Please email Franz Altpter at faltpeter@aol.com if you know how to contact Gary.

David Cohen


David Cohen
N8070 North Lake Shore Drive
Fond Du Lac WI 54937
h: 920.922.0142


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Paul W Eberman


Paul W. Eberman
9488 Hawksmoor Ln
Sarasota FL 34238
h: 941.966.7077
c: 941.356.4295
f: 941.966.6647


Ann (Elkow) MacLeod

Ann (Elkow) MacLeod

Deceased  September 24, 2002


Susan (Endres) Edwards

Does not have email.

Susan (Endres) Edwards
4734 Tain Drive
Houston TX 77084
h: 281.463.7894

c: 281.703.6897

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