Received June 8, 2010                                        

Connie (Froker) Bogue

704 East 1st Street

Canton, SD 57013

h. 605.987.2287

c. 605.201.9636


Husband - Richard Bogue, retired Circuit Judge.  He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Son - Eric, an attorney, past Senate Majority Leader in the South Dakota Legislature

Son - Bruce, an attorney who is a trust officer for Citicorp Trust in Sioux Falls.

Daughter - Jennifer, a teacher with her Masters Degree, teaching in Sioux Falls.

Grandchildren - Sean, age 18 years.  He was just appointed to the U.S. Air Force Academy; Elizabeth, 16 years; Katherine, 12 years; Brigitta, 13 years and Isabelle, 10 years.


Brother - Dr. Lowell Froker, retired Radiologist living in Lafayette, CA

Sister - Nancy (Froker) Mayne, retired Physical Therapist living in Marion, WI

Sister - Kathie (Froker) Stolpman, my wonderful twin!

Parents - Deceased


Retired.  Worked part time in husband's law office and then 8 years in the Lincoln County Public Health Office.  I am active in community affairs and am now serving as a Canton City Commissioner.  I also took the Master Gardening Course and we both enjoy playing golf.



Nancy Froker (class of '54) - Kathie & Connie Froker (Class of '60) - Lowell Froker (Class of '50)