Aaron Abromovitz

Received June 14, 2010                                      




After college in Appleton, WI, I completed a Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry at the University of Michigan and met Andrea Savage (joint Ph.D., Sociology & Social Work).  We have been married for almost 40 years and raised two children, albeit one at a time.  Matt is 38, director of operations and also acting music director at WQXR (New York's now public, classical music station). He and our daughter-in-law Jenn are the proud parents of our first grandchild, Benjamin, now 14 months old. Our daughter Quetzi is entering her second year at Case Western Reserve University, probably majoring in Anthropology and eagerly looking toward a career in pediatric surgery.

We have lived in the greater New York metropolitan area for over thirty years.  Andrea is associate dean at the CUNY Hunter College School of Social Work. I taught biochemistry to a generation of medical students before moving into the biotech industry, where I spent many years in vaccine research for viral pathogens.

Two years ago during the swirl of economic crisis and corporate mergers, my position was eliminated. A company buyout has given me the freedom to pursue a career in music, which I had abandoned many decades ago. I am now a free-lance clarinetist and teacher in the New York area and play in various chamber music ensembles and orchestras. This season I took a position on the orchestra roster of the Amore Opera Company, which mounted full productions of La Boheme, The Merry Widow and The Magic Flute. Next season's productions will be Tosca, Die Fledermaus and Carmen. For several years in August, I have been a participant in the Chamber Music Conference and Composers Forum East at Bennington, Vermont. This month I will be performing at Carnegie Hall in the debut concert of a new orchestra. Needless to say, I now wear an indelible smile.


Received June 14, 2015

I'm not sure how much I've previously shared with all of you so please forgive me if some of the narrative is redundant.  I retired from my day job as a scientist seven years ago ... almost a decade as a medical school faculty member and then two decades in biotechnology, where I worked in the design and development of new vaccines ... herpes, HIV, encephalitis, pneumonia, etc.  About 12 years ago, I re-entered the world of music after a decades-long hiatus. Now, music is my primary activity. I have been playing clarinet in opera and symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles in New York.  Several years ago I was on tour in China with a New York orchestra.  I also teach clarinet out of my home studio ... a deeply satisfying kind of work.  One of you wrote in my "Baby Badger" yearbook 55 years ago: "without music, life would be a mistake." It took me many years to fully understand the wisdom of that remark.

Life is good! Andrea Savage and I have been married for almost 45 years. We met in Ann Arbor as graduate students. She is a professor of social work at Hunter College in NYC. Our son is the program director at WQXR in New York, a public radio classical music station with over 800,000 listeners. He and our daughter-in-law are the proud parents of our grandchildren, Ben (age 6) and Rose (age 14 months).  Our daughter is a recent graduate of Case Western Reserve University, currently working as an HIV counselor at the Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland. She plans to enter the healthcare profession as a PA.


A recent photo is attached..... guess I don't look 18 anymore ;)

Warm regards to all.