February 28, 2010


Sheri and I have been married 44 years, have lived in Modesto, California for 37 years where I am a practicing psychiatrist.


I graduated from UW Med School in l966 thus have been practicing medicine in almost 6 different decades--frightening to think of. Sheri was nursing student at UW, now is running my office.


 We have two kids, Erik, 38, doing extremely well with successful Internet business and made us really feel fulfilled when he moved from Hollywood back to Modesto last year. He is married, has little girl Sofia,3, and about to have a little boy, Gunnar Rolf (named after the Quisling twins!).


Our daughter, Tori, lives in NY on Long Island, has a little boy, Jackson, age 7 and doing very well.


 We're in good health, may retire someday but only after I can trust my investments will guarantee my income!

Added July 8, 2010

Passions still include playing piano, and my son Erik is also great pianist and his little daughter Sofia at age 3 is already picking up the ability to play even at her age.  Glad something good is inherited!  I play golf all I can.  I'm no good but playing golf with my group of friends is sacred as otherwise I still am working 60 hour weeks.  Sheri and I have done a lot of traveling and plan to do it more.  Memories of Wisconsin High School are legion, our great times partying at my family home on Sherman Avenue, our water ski times on the lake and those wonderful feelings during those years at WHS from 7th grade to graduation of being part of a very close knit family. We all matured together and it was great.  


Bill Ward just wrote that he may be too disabled to come, so we will stop on our way to Madison to visit him at the Rehabilitation center in Neenah where he now lives.  


It's been a very fulfilling life and since my father lived to 102 yrs old, I plan to do the same so look forward to a lot of good years and reunion memories to come!

June 2015

55th Reunion – July 24 – 25, 2015

Since I'm 5 years older, I'll stick with my picture from 5 years ago, we look about the same (?).  After 50 years practicing medicine (Psychiatry) and also 50 years of marriage, I've decided to retire at the end of this year, certain to be a major transition as I've never retired before, but everyone tells me it's great, so hope it will be.  We're both very healthy, continue to travel a lot having now been to 48 countries.  We have still found the most rewarding and fulfilling role ever is the role of "grandparents" to our 3 grandchildren, Jackson, age 12, Sofia, age 8, Gunnar, age 5.  So sad over the passing of my dearest friend, Bill Ward, but his spirit will be with us in Madison.  Love to you all.